Sunday, April 5, 2015


 I woke up early.. I couldn't sleep. I stepped outside to do some "bunny business". I was in awe of such a perfect and beautiful morning. As I watched the sin rise I thought of Christ's disciples walking to the empty tomb. He lives! Through him I can be forgiven my sins and live again. Because of him I will see my brother again.

Because Easter was over conference weekend we didn't get dressed into our church clothes.
That felt weird. Easter Sunday is my absolute favorite Sunday of the year. I guess there will be next year.

I don't know why Lila looks so surprised! She's got a chocolate chick in her arm from when she snuck down stairs before anyone else. Stinker!

This baby loves candy and chocolate!

Everyone got candy, shoes, a kite, a book...

Straight to reading her new book. I'm so glad she's developed such a love for reading!

Babies went out first.

I love Jack peaking around.. every year the Easter bunny leaves a golden egg with money in it!
Ella's been the only one to EVER find it- this year Jack was determined! 

He found it!!!

A whole dollar! ;)

More and more and more candy!

After our egg hunt was done we met up at the park with Grandma, Grandpa and come cousins to fly kites.

Lila was phenomenal at it!!!

My brother Aaron, who passed away loved kites. It was his favorite thing to get on Easter. Today, we flew them in honor of him.

Many other families were there flying kites too. So many kites!

With everything going on with Mom and Dad I opted to host Easter diner this year.

Not too bad, since I figured it all out morning of....

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great day and took the time to remember our savior and what a blessing and miracle it is that he lives!

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