Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Weekend

Grandma had us over to color some Easter eggs. Doesn't it look like Lilly's holding a lemon!?

I love Easter, it's one of my favorite holidays!
We started the weekend with coloring eggs.

Ryan doesn't enjoy holidays the same way that I do, but he does like coloring Easter eggs.. and carving pumpkins.

Ella did color eggs.. but it wasn't until later that night.. she was busy..

She went with Neinah to a teen glow in the dark Easter egg hunt.
It was so weird to drop Ella off with all of these older kids!
She starts Jr. High in the fall..
They had a great time, even if Ella did lose her flashlight.

Then this morning we went to the community egg hunt. 

Lila was SO excited! I kept having to tell her, just one more minute.. just a second more. She was ready to go get those eggs!

One sweet little guy kept picking up eggs and putting them into Lilas bucket.

There weren't that many little kids, but tons of older kids. Jack was pretty pleased with how many eggs he was able to get.

Jack used to be terrified of this cow.. glad he seems to have outgrown it

Lila loved the Easter bunny! So cute!

High five! 

It was pretty chilly outside. Poor Lilly and Lila were so cold!
We went home and had some hot chocolate

A little later in the day I found out about another egg hunt not to far from us.
Who doesn't want a free lunch!?

There were several craft tables. Jack wasn't wanting his picture taken.

I love having Ella as my oldest child. She's such a wonderful help and always in a good mood!

Waiting for the egg hunt. This time there were tons of kids and not a ton of eggs.

Lilly and Lila only managed to get a couple, luckily they have older siblings willing to share.

After a long morning, a nap was needed. 

Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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