Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Life.. it keeps going. I doubt that things will ever be the same. My family is forever changed. I know I look at my little family a bit differently now.
On a particularly hard day, I just wanted to take the kids and have a fun day.
We got lunch at Thanksgiving point before going over to check out the new musem.

Lilly liked the tornado simulator. 

I live with a bunch of weirdos.

I love Jack as a mouse. He's not thrilled. I guess he was a grumpy mouse.

There was an outside area. I was surprised at how well Lila did everything!
Lila also wasn't at all afraid of anything.

On our way out I spotted Alex Boye!!

A movie to top off the night and I was feeling much better. Family time always is the cure.

While I was in Wisconsin Ryan set up the trampoline the kids got for Christmas! They love it!

I swear, half of the people in our family have their birthday in February and March. 
Neinah's turn! Happy Bithday Ninne!

My son turned hillbilly! Look at those teeth! Goodbye cute baby teeth smile, hello nasty big teeth!

The leprechaun was a little lame this year. I hope the kids appreciate that he came at all ;)

I hope this boy never gets tired of me stopping in for lunch!

It's finally starting to feel spring-like around here!!
That calls for play-doh

The kids are loving the tramp, great investment. Jack's a crazy man!

My parents have good days and bad. I made my Dad cry. That made me cry. Someday our hearts wont sting so badly.

Now that the weather is warming up I decided that we needed some more outside activities!

It's a good first try.. ;)

Have you been to the puppy barn!? It's so fun! The kids loved it.

Where's Lila?? On the tramp in nothing but a diaper.. sounds right.

It's so hard to take this ladies to the store now days! I feel like I'm the one who's going to have the meltdown!
We went to a new dentist and found a friend! Jamie's sister in law Emily!
I even sat by her and her husband at the funeral. Such a sweet lady. They helped Lilly hold still for her appointment. The first of many to come...

Because she was good at the dentist they have her a kite! She couldn't wait to try it out!

She's actually really good at it!

While walking in town there are so many pretty blossoms! It smells so good and fresh everywhere.
Jack thought it was fun that we matched!

Lila is a master fit thrower. Sometimes she's just got take some rest time in her crib. She loves her "baby bunny".

A nap always makes me feel better too.

Late night, girls night. Age wise it goes Ella, Avorie and then Paige. You would never guess that by their height!
Lisa and I decided to have a little early Easter egg hunt. The kids loved it!

Lila totally got it!

Ryan and I went on a date. I need it, he needs it.. really, the kids need it too. So that we don't go crazy on them. Why do Ryan and I always go to the same like three restaurants? We need to get a little more creative!

Ella played an orphan in a community production of "Annie"!
She did so well, we are so proud of her! She had a great time!

Her friends came to support her! Thanks ladies!

After the show we all got some ice cream. Perfect way to end the night

Closing night Grandma, Anna and Neinah went too. 
Thank you to everyone for your support!

This is a reoccurring problem. Over and over and over... that stinker!!

While shopping with Lisa this weekend I somehow ended up with some workout wear. I've decided I really like it! Bonus.. Maybe people will actually think I workout. The Big Mac might give me away.

This little stinker! She's always keeping me on my toes!

Seriously? This kid lives the life..

Baby by day, stunt baby by night!
She also does this.....

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