Monday, March 16, 2015

The Memorial and Family

The ONE silver-lining to all of this is that I got to see my Uncle and Grandma.
I have only seen them once in almost 20 years.
When I say it out loud it feels worse. I'm not even sure how it happened. We moved from California when I was 13 and only went back to visit a couple of times. Although Grandma went to visit in Wisconsin it wasn't ever at a time I could go too. So the last time I had see her was Aaron's wedding. And now I'm seeing her at his memorial. I've always loved my Dad's side of the family. 
I have wonderful childhood memories of my Grandma. We were pretty good about sending each other cards, letters and packages though. My kids grew to call her Grandma Swedish as she always sends us fun Swedish things.
Uncle Aaron is my Dad's only true sibling (they have half and step-siblings) and has always been my Dad's hero. It was amazing to see my Dad's interaction with both of them. Such joy.

All of us ladies went and saw that new Cinderella movie. It was wonderful and a great start to the weekend. 

Because there were so many people here in Utah who weren't able to make it to the funeral we had a memorial here for Aaron.
Both of my parents spoke. They talked about what a wonderful person Aaron is and how thankful they are for him. They then opened it up for others to get up and talk about Aaron.
Poor Adam, I knew what he was trying to say. But holding back the tears made saying anything hard.
I didn't get up.. I just didn't feel like I had anything to share.
But thinking about it now, what I would have said-
I looked up to Aaron so much. He was such a strong, independent person. Although he was my younger brother, he was always my bigger brother. I wish that I had spent more time with him as a teenager. I had moved out of the house by then. I think that we would have been friends.
As adults we were friendly. He could be hard on me. He didn't like that I didn't have any college education and that Ryan did real estate. 
The last time that I ever really "talked" to him was this last Christmas. He was over at our parents, it was Christmas time and everyone was busy. Except me. I was able to sit and talk with him and Jamie for several hours. We talked about our kids, church, work.. everything. It was the nicest conversation I've ever had with him. He really opened up to me and I to him.
I know understand that his "teasing" about things like school and work are just because he is worried about me and wants us to be successful. Because he loves me.
I will cherish that time with him forever.

Many friends and family came. Again, it was wonderful to see everyone and remember Aaron.
Loved these little girls drawing on the chalk board. Lilly's the far left.

I guess when Neinah was little, like 5 years old, Uncle Aaron came to visit and Neinah just loved him. All these years later he still has little drawings and things she made for him.
It's sweet!

A man and his Mom

There aren't that many pictures of my Grandma, especially with her two boys.
I HAD to take the opportunity to try and get some.
What's with these people and not being able to look at the camera!? I guess I know where Jack gets it from now.

Seems right...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these two pictures of my Grandma!!
She has always looked the same to me. Same haircut, same type of clothes.
I will cherish these pictures always.

No matter how old you get, take advice from your Mom.

With so many cousin's in town my kids had a blast.
Little cousin Aaron (there are a LOT of Aaron's in our family!) Loves Lila and she loves him.
Of course Jack and Liam are two peas in a pod!

Sarah loves Grandma too!

Anderson doesn't love everyone, but he sure loves his Papa!

Look at that face!!

All of the cousin's watching a movie.. I LOVE Lila's face! "what the heck!?"

So many fun visitors!! Love all of those brothers in law!!

Did I catch someone smooching on the front porch.. maybe..

This lady is 81. But she's cooking, cleaning and watching kids!
I always knew she was one tough cookie! I hope that I've inherited her strength and determination!

Kissing cousins :)

Seriously, I don't know another son who loves his Mom the way my Dad loves his.

Celebrating all of the March birthdays! There are just a couple.. 

One afternoon some of us drove up the canyon to show Grandma and Uncle Aaron.
They were pretty impressed.

Dad has always talked about his brother with such regard. I hope that my children love each other like my Dad loves his brother.

Seriously, the only up side to any of this is that we were able to spend so much time together as a family lately.
A picture of me and my Grandma. Do we look alike?

Again, 81 and holding me kids!!

After being away for a bit I come back to see that Lilly had been given a makeover!

She loves make up and was totally in heaven!

Thank you Aunt Mary! Now she's going to want you to do that every time you come to visit!

I walk up to the back door to find these three little munchkins...

Before everyone went home they all went and played football and 3 flies up in memory of Aaron.

Even Ella got in on the fun

One more picture with my Grandma. We sat and talked for hours. I wanted to soak up every second. I wanted to get to know her and understand her. It was wonderful to have that opportunity and hope that we can get together again soon.
The last day that Mary was here she finally got Jack back into the water to get golf-balls- one of his favorite things to do until he found a leach on his foot!
I love my family, I'm so thankful for them. 
Families are forever.

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