Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Our first day in Disneyland!

Right as we walked in we walked right over to the hat shop, but then Lila saw Mini. 
Mini is her absolute favorite!
Mini was walking around, but Lila and I followed her.
 When Mini saw us she took Lila's hand and took her for a little walk.

It was so sweet! Lila was thrilled! They even stopped to smell the flowers.

That baby was in heaven! I love her huge smile!

More smelling of the flowers.

Hugs and blowing kisses!

Waving goodbye. I'm sure this experience was the highlight of Lila's life so far!
(I just might have to print one of these for her room)

Okay, trying to get back on track!

So happy to be here with my family!

Todays surprise- the Reed boys!!
Jack was thrilled to say the least!! So happy he has a buddies here too!

The big kids! Seriously though, aren't they getting big!?

Every once in a while Ryan will steal my camera for a bit. This time to take a million pictures of Mr. Toad's wild ride. He wishes he could live here.

First ride at Disneyland and Lila was terrified. 

After our wild ride we took three steps over to the Carousel.

Another surprise for the day- The Jensen family!
So fun to have so many family members here together!

SO excited for Dumbo!

I got stuck in the money car on Casey Jr.

Cinderella's castle, my favorite!

Snow White and Lilly's afraid this time..

Oh boy.. I loved how she kept peeking through her fingers.

Time to see if any of these kids can pull the sword from the stone...

Jack sure did try! Not this time....

My brother Aaron loved trying to pull out the sword, so we posed for some pictures in memory of him.

If anyone could pull it out, it would be this guy.. but no, not even Ryan could pull the sword from the stone...

Maybe next time Jack..

LOVE the tea cups!

Ella and Grandpa went on the fastest one.. 

We finally made it to the hat shop!

Jack's pick.

Of course Lila picked a Mini hat.

Lilly picked the beautiful princess ears, of course!

Ella was undecided.. 
Waiting for Alice in Wonderland.

All of the rides are too scary for Lila..

Hello Jensens!

The kids tried getting into the white rabbits house..

Lila was so confused.. 

Love this chunky ham!

The lines weren't too bad... especially when you have great company!

We picked out some toys and got in line for Small World.

Such sweet boys! I'm so glad that Sarah and I were able to marry such good men!

Lilly loved it! What little girl wouldn't love a ride full of dolls?

Jack just wanted to play with his new light saber.

After a nice cool down on Small World everyone was ready for lunch. Eating in Toon Town was actually one of my favorite things of the day.
And then here came Pluto!

Pluto wanted all of us to pretend to be dogs like him.

All of the kids were like "who the heck is Roger Rabbit?"

Grandma and Grandpa took the older two kids on some other rides so Ryan and I could take the babies around to each of the houses.

First up, Mini's house of course.

Such sweet sisters.

It was taking forever to walk through Mini's house.. I was actually getting really frustrated, until I realized that it was because she was doing a meet and greet in the back.

Lilly was able to join in the excitement this time too!

Lilly's first ever roller coaster ride!! I was so happy that I was able to be the one to take her!!
Not sure that she liked it... :)

I was most excited to take Lilly to Disneyland. She's the perfect age to enjoy everything. She truly believes and loved every second!

Time to go on the submarines! 

It's changed quite a bit since I was a kid, but still fun.

Love the bubbles!

After the sub ride it was time to ride Space Mountain! A long time favorite for me and Sarah!

I love that Sarah was able to point to her bracelet as the picture was taken.. we also screamed as we came back in.. you know, to scare everyone. Just another way to remember Bo on one of his favorite rides.

Jack had been not so patiently waiting to ride the cars. The thought of being able to drive a "real" car was SO exciting to him!

Lila is a horrible driver.. like seriously, I have whiplash now..

The "big" kids.. they got to drive alone.

As we walked through tomorrow land we ran into Darth Vader. Jack just about peed in his pants. SO cool!

We cut across the park and made it to Ella's favorite ride- the haunted mansion.

After taking these pictures Ethan asked "can you please stop taking pictures!"
Sorry buddy :)

Lilly did NOT want to go on Pirates..

I accidentally got this Dad and son in this picture.. they were embarrassed..

Oh.. the Blue Bayou. I've always wanted to eat there.

Someone was getting so tired..

After going on Pirates the kids were getting tired. Ryan and I walked everyone to the hotel..
and then went back to Disneyland WITHOUT the children!
It was awesome!! Seriously, thank you Mom and Dad.
When Ryan and I were trying to decide what to do we thought- lets try and eat at the Blue Bayou.
But sadly, they weren't taking anymore reservations for the night, but said if we checked back in that maybe, maybe they could squeeze us in. Ryan and I ran to a couple of rides before going back to the Blue Bayou to check back.. Still nothing. At this point they were about to close.. I looked at the hostess and said that I had been wanting to eat there my whole life and this was my one chance to do it.. So she let us IN! Holy cow I just about had a heart attack! I was SO excited!!

Just to make it that much better Sarah and Kreighton walked up just as we were going in and the hostess let them go in too!! 

Can you tell I was excited!!??

I don't think that I stopped smiling. I know it might seem silly, but for my whole life I would see people sitting in that resultant and wonder what it was like.. now I wont have to!

We got fun drinks with lite ice cubes. Sarah and I both tried mint juleps for the first time. I felt like I was drinking tooth paste.. no thank you.

Our server was a total jerk, but the bus boy totally made up for him.
The food was pretty dang good too!
Surf and turf and Filet Mignon!

Dreams came true that night! So happy! 

And SO happy that I got to share it with Sarah! We've been coming here for 25 years together!

Still couldn't get over the excitement... But also could hardly move fro so much food!

Disneyland was actually closing early that night. HUGE bummer! But we did get to walk around a bit.

Our rough and tough cowboys.

My kids didn't believe that the evil queen peeked out of the curtains. 

Happiest place on earth.

Another long, but very happy day done at Disney.

We stopped to get some ice cream on our way back to the hotel and ran into some of the Whittaker kids and Sami and Tyler. Ryan was feeling like he was missing out on not matching like the other boys. Totally by accident. 
Tomorrow is our last day!!

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