Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This Weeks Highlights!

Lila is 4 months old!
Lila still loves to be wrapped up and cuddled like a newborn baby

My favorite part of this video is when Lilly stops and smiles. She thinks I'm taking a picture....
Having Scarlett around is a lot of fun!
Mary wanted Mom to get out all of the Christmas decorations so she could help set everything out.
I haven't had a Christmas with my family since Ella was a baby.
It was fun to look at all of the fun little things from my childhood.
Like this nativity. I spent hours playing with these as a kid.

The little girls and I spent an afternoon hanging running around with Mary and her babies. These cousin's sure love each other.
Jack's birthday party is only a couple days away! He was so happy and proud of his invitations.
While making said invitations Lila got a hold of Lilly's hair.
Sister problems.

Lila is such a doll! I love her smiling face!

Our dear friends moved away. Good thing it's not to far, but we will miss having them right across the street. They have been the best neighbors we've ever had!
It's so fun to have GIRL cousins!
I love finding pictures like this on my phone. Thanks Sami!
What better excuse to have a girls night then having one of my sisters in town!
Another picture I found on my phone... Thanks babe, that beard sure is coming in nice.
I went to check on the kids in the night and couldn't find Lilly!
She had gone to cuddle up with Jack! So sweet!
Those sweet little cheeks!
Family movie night to see catching fire!
This time Sarah, Kreighton were in town and able to join in on.

Lila has the longest hairs on her ears! I hope it goes away soon.. Lilly's did! ;)
These sweet babies fell asleep on the couch together.
Poor Lilly looks extra skinny!
A princess bath.. since she refused to take it off
 Again I couldn't find Lilly in the night, again she was in bed cuddling with Jack

Lilly likes to take showers sometimes and always sings! I was able to catch her making up her own song the other day!

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Tiffany Robinson said...

It's fun to see how it seems like yesterday that we got together and it was months ago. WOW! I like seeing more of your blog posts. Even if you are behind :)

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