Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jack is 6 years old

My boy is 6 years old now!
It's strange to think that back on before he was born. 
Life wasn't what I had always hoped it would be. I wanted him so badly.
He's my miracle baby. I'm thankful for him everyday.
He is such a hard worker.
He is out for justice and always wants to do whats right!
He loves being outside and being active.
He's my shy boy, who always gets anxious. 
He is responsible.
He is caring and loving, he's still my cuddle buddy!
He is my only boy.
He was so excited to wear the new sweatshirt he got from the Ballard's this morning!
Today was not only Jack's birthday at school, it was also their class Thanksgiving party!
At the first of the year I signed up to help.
We did lots of crafts, played games and had lots of snacks.
I brought cupcakes and everyone in the class sang to Jack.

It was such a fun day in with Jack and his class.
It was made even more special by having Grandma and Aunt Sarah come too!

The rest of the day was pretty normal, since he had such an awesome party a couple of days ago.

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