Friday, November 29, 2013


I haven't had a Thanksgiving with my family since I was in high school!
I made a turkey at my house and brought it over to their house.
There have only been, I think three Thanksgivings in my married life I haven't made the turkey.
The boys watched some games, Mom set the table and the kids just played.

There was a lot of break dancing going on!
Love Liam's moves!

Fran made a turkey too. The biggest one I've ever seen! And wrapped in bacon.

Lila is a wild girl! Always spitting or smacking her lips or clicking her tongue!
I've had dreams about Dad's gravy!
Such sweet cousins!!

Time to EAT!!

Nice face SARAH!

And then it was over. All those hours of cooking and baking.. all over in an hour.
It was all totally worth it!
We weren't planning on going black Friday shopping, but at the last minute Sarah and I found a deal we couldn't pass up! It was a long, fun night!
(She got to have a wheel chair due to her pregnancy, lucky!)

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