Saturday, November 16, 2013

Such a busy week!

This years school pictures!
Although I can take a decent picture of the kids, it's always fun to get school pictures taken.
This years, are horrible! Ha!
That's what school pictures are supposed to be though, right?
Fall weather is officially here now, that means time for cute boots. I had to get these for Lila!
One day I decided to do a before and after make up shots for my sister. 
We love to talk make up!
And then Lilly wanted to get in on that too!
She looks so pretty!
Lila is getting so big!
She loves her binkie and cuddling in our bed.

With it getting so much colder outside we are having to bundle up more when playing outside.
Poor Lilly, she thinks she's a big kid and can do big kid things.
Lila is such a joy! Always a happy baby.

We bought Lilly her first panties.
So far, lots of accidents. I think we will wait until after the holidays to try again.
Most days when I drop Jack off for Kindergarten I'm able to catch up with Ella who is out for one of her recesses. I had to take a picture of Ella with her friend Mason.
Of course she doesn't "like" Mason, they are just friends. ;)
The kids are pretty good about me picking out their clothes still.
However Jack's not too bad at doing it himself.
Loving his new fall jacket!
Well..... it looks like Lila can't be in her swing without being buckled in anymore!
Luckily she hasn't ever actually fallen out.. yet.
Sometimes Anna just likes to hang out and run some errands with me.
After school a couple of days ago we decided to stop and get a little treat.

While out on a date this is the fortune Ryan got! So funny, since he just got a new car a couple of weeks ago!
Started teething? I think so!

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