Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Pictures & Christmas Card

Every year I try and get one good (ish) family picture.
It's been fun to see how our family has changed over the years
to send one out as a Christmas card. 
A local photographer was going to meet with us. We got to the location and walked around.
I had brought my camera along with me, just by chance. 
I took some of each of the children...
After quite a while I decided that I better call the photographer, it was getting dark.
She had totally forgotten! We talked about rescheduling, but she was having surgery and it's been getting colder and colder.
We had to reschedule with her for the spring.....
But, I still had my camera and thought I would just try and get one myself.
That's what I've done every year before anyways!
2 years old
Almost 6 years old
10 years old

As we were turning around, me feeling so sad that things hadn't worked out, we came to this empty lot with the coolest view. 
We stopped to take just a couple more.
After reviewing the shots I took, I just wasn't feeling like I had found the one I wanted. 
So with the help of Sami we decided to try again another day.
Same clothes, different day.
This one was a major contender.
We went back to the empty lot.
The winning shot!
After going through so many pictures, Ryan and I finally decided on this one.
Thanks again for all of your help Sami!!

And lastly, our card this year. Ryan liked it because it actually popped out into an ornament.
The holidays are coming!!

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