Monday, November 25, 2013

Jack's 6th Birthday Party

I don't know WHY on earth it's always so hard to plan Jack's birthday. Like it sneaks up on me.
I think that by this time of year I'm already getting into Christmas mode...
Jack has wanted a Star Wars party for a couple of years now. Ever since his friend Luke had one.
When he got home from school he was pretty happily surprised that Ryan and I had set everything up for the big party!

We had light saber gift bags, Yoda soda and of course Han Solo trapped in jello
Even the light sabers the figures had on the cake lit up!
Jack was laughing the entire time he was wearing each of these!
He couldn't wait to try the next one!
It might look like Yoda, 3CPO, Princess and Darth... 
but really it's Camille, Liam, Lilly and Jack!
Liam, Camille, Jack and Lilly.. I love Lilly as a Ewok!

Anna, always a good sport
Jack's favorite movie of all time is home alone.
"A cheese pizza, just for me!"
He wanted his very own pizza!

It's always fun to have everyone come and help celebrate
Even the neighbor-kids came back for the party.
If the TV is on, Dad's watching it. No matter what it is.

Nice one Samuel
And Neinah
Lilly, Brielle, Camille, Seth, Jack, Liam and Preston
Paige, Avery, Ella and Avorie
Jack LOVED his cake!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jack. He enjoyed every second!

Then it was time for presents. We all thought it was funny that he wanted his picture taken with each gift. So cute! He would say "Mom, Mom, take my picture!"

I love when everyone starts yelling out what they think his presents are.. like a Barbie... It was a light saber Wii remote!
He was just a little happy to get the new Star Wars Wii game!
Thank you everyone for your wonderful gifts!!

Adi, Alivia, Ryan and Tiffany!
Thank you to all of our friends and family! Thank you for making Jack's day that much more special!

After everyone left Ryan and Sami had a little too much fun with Jack's new Nerf guns!

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