Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Week

After looking for a new car for about a year... seriously, an entire year,
Ryan finally decided he wanted to buy a Range Rover.
Like Father, like Son.
Anyways, we ended up finding one at a dealership less then 5 minutes away that seemed pretty good.
(Before that one we had been looking at cars all over the country!)
But Ryan just couldn't do it..... it's not super new and has some miles on it.
Well, I was sick, SICK of talking about cars and looking at cars.
So one afternoon I called the dealership and asked if that one was still there.
It was, so I went and bought it.
Without Ryan knowing.
After purchasing the car, I drove it up to Ryan's office.
I was so nervous the whole drive! A little buyers remorse?? 
He was pretty surprised. But thought that I would do something like that.
He's pretty happy. I'm pretty happy.
Lets hope it ends up being a good car for us!
A while ago my Grandparents came to visit and brought with them a bunch of old toys- including things I played with as a little kid.
Included were some old wigs of my Grandma Mom's!
The kids had a lot of fun playing with those!

Having four kids you need a big vehicle. But I almost feel like I need something even bigger then my expedition, like a Suburban or something.
I tried out having Lilly in the way back. Therefore letting the older children in and out of the car a little easier.
Obviously that did not go well..... She has since been moved back in the front captains seat.

I feel like there have already been so many school projects this year!
Ella had a group project on a native American India tribe.
It seems like I never find out about any of these things until the last minute!
But we were able to pull off some fun things to include in her presentation.
Lots of parents came to check out everyone's projects.
Ella is such a pro! She's great at pulling people in and keeping their attention.

Lilly has always loved shoes. An obsession I'm sure will be lifelong. 
She rocks those better then I ever have!

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