Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Week

I can't help it, I love it when these girls match!
My Mom did it to me and my sisters and now I have to do it with my girls.

Someone is getting way too big! I love all of her sweet smiles!

Jack is such a good big brother. I love it when he asks to cuddle with the baby.
Lilly is a good helper though too! She always wants to help push the cart. 
(Seconds after taking this picture her skit fell around her ankles!)

While my Mom is still gone to help Mary- Dad and the girls came over for dinner.

Matching again!!
On my way to take Jack to school it started snowing!! 
It's still September! Luckily it only lasted a few minutes and hasn't snowed any since!
Winter is coming...
Matchy- matchy!!
Not quite sure how she fell asleep in the kitchen floor, with a cookie in her hand.
Poor sleepy baby!

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