Monday, September 9, 2013

Lilly's 2nd Birthday Party

Lilly.. also known as Cinderella!
I had wanted to have her first birthday Cinderella themed, but it just didn't come together.
It turned out to be perfect for her 2nd.
This girl loves to dress up and wear make up!
She always smiles funny with lip stick on though..

This is her favorite dress up dress. She wears it everyday

And look, glass slippers

She was in heaven posing for all of these pictures!

We had all of Lilly's favorite treats. Tarts, cookies, candy, soda and of course donuts!

The kids were all so excited to be able to use these little tiny champagne glasses
They are the perfect Lilly size
It's so fun to be able to have my parents here for things like this! 
Dad matched perfectly ;)
Ella and Avorie dressed up too. The evil stepmother and Lucifer the cat. Lilly's best friend Camille came dress up for the occasion. Anna needed a picture with the birthday girl too!

Lilly loved singing happy birthday to herself! She didn't really know how to blow out the candles very well, Daddy had to help her a bit
Chocolate cake of course
These boys are so crazy together! They look so innocent here though...

Next was presents! Lilly got more dress ups, clothes, lots of play shoes,
Lots of little princess figures
A purse full of fun things. But her favorite.....
Make up!! She loves putting on make up!
Jack got in on that some the action. 
Poor guy... only boy with three sisters!
He'll die over this picture someday!!
Of course Lilly is still just a little baby. She loved playing with the balloons just as much as anything else.
Then it was time for a make over. First she wanted me to put make up on her and then she put make up on me

So pretty!
What a mess! But she was so happy, it was worth it.
Even Ryan got to have a make over!
Happy Birthday sweet little Lilly!

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Tiffany Robinson said...

BEST MOTHER AWARD! What a great party. She is so adorable!

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