Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Instagrams

1. Tiny Lila
2. Big yawns
3. Lilly loves her baby and red slushes
4. She looks so much more tiny when other people hold her- thanks Sami
5. Finally getting some good smiles!
6. Jack always picks the craziest outfits. Including one spiderman glove

1. Already growing up and changing
2. Her sweet little profile
3. Little princess
4. First duck face
5. Bubles
6. Ella's jammies
1. Ryan's new community right near our house!
2. Getting some ice cream on a hot summer day at the outlets
3. Lilly is such a monkey
4. Lilly wanted to be like Jack
5. Looking cool in her brothers sunglasses
6. Too tired, fell asleep on the floor with Ella's American Girl doll
1.2.3. Trying to get a matching sisters pictures. Lila wasn't having it!
4. Lila looking cute in her pictures
5. Sleeping baby
6. Pants I almost bought for Neianh
1. Jude is messy
2. Lilly and Gabe.. where's Lilly's shirt?
3. Made home made chicken pot pie for Dad
4. Getting bigger and bigger everyday
5. Becoming more aware
6. Love her double chin
1. Lilly wanted a pictures with me
2. Big yawns
3. Love that sideways smile
4. I told Lilly to go lay down in her bed and take a nap
5. I didn't realize that her big bear was taking up most of it
6. Family home evening at Jack's favorite frozen yogurt place
1.2.3. Sisters!
1.2. Sweet baby girl
3. So far doesn't mind her carseat
4. Lilly needed every single bath toy
5. Poor Jack had a terrible ear ache.. his first ear infection. Not bad since he's 5 1/2
6. Best after having a baby dinner delivered!!
1.2.3. Waking up... happy baby
1. Love those sweet little lips
2. The view from one of Ryan's communities
3. Taking a nap at dad's office
4. Finally cleaned my oven.. we've only lived in this house for two years...
5. I can't help but hold her all day
6. First trip to Seven Peaks this summer!
1. Love that baby!
2. and those chubby cheeks!
3. One month old already!!
4. Another day waiting for Ryan at his office for lunch
5. After looking forever for a dress for Bizzy's wedding I found one.. in my closet..
6. Sleeping with her glasses on

1. Family home evening/after meet the teacher night dinner (I love this picture!)
2. Jack lost his first tooth, too bad he lost it in the car.. never to be seen again
3. Ella's first day of school
4. Lilly wishes it was her first day at school too
5. Taking a nap together on Grandma's bed
6. Jack's kindergarten assessment. He killed it!
1. Neinah is hilarious! Making this for Jacob on his mission
2. Throwback Thursday- Lisa and I.. a long time ago
3. ME! When I was two. Does Lilly look like me?
4. Mary and Cass at Bizzy's batchelorette party to Walmart
5. Lilly rocking out at Bizzy's wedding
6. chubby baby!
1. Sarah win's "weirdest thing in your purse" with little boy underware
2. Dinner with the ladies
3. Sleeping Lila
4. Lilly loved playing with the neighbors dog
5. Who's name is Houdini
6. Utah sunset 

She's starting to smile all the time now!
1.2.3. Fun at Scheels!
4. Jack's first day at school
5. Two kids in school!
6. Hello baby

1.2.3. Swinging! She loves the swing
4. Lilly figured out how to take her diaper off..
5. Lilly's my best shopping buddy!
6. Lila loves my bed..

One Saturday my Dad called to see what Jack was doing. (since Ryan works on Saturdays) He came and picked up Jack. They went and checked out all kinds of things at the dirt bike and hardware stores. Then he met me and the girls at McDonald's for dinner and ice cream! Jack said he had so much fun hanging out with Papa! I'm so thankful to my Dad. He's the best Grandpa!!

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