Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Trip to Denver

Several weeks ago Sarah called me.
It was almost time for her gender ultrasound.. and she was afraid!
After three boys in a row with no girls, she was a little stressed out.
She asked me if I would be able to fly out and be with her at her ultrasound (Along with Kreighton of course!) I said I wouldn't miss it for the world and booked a flight!
The morning I left Jack wanted one last picture with Lila.
She did so great on the flight. Her first ever!

That night I got to check out their house and hang out with all of the boys.
But we went to bed early- the ultrasound was first thing in the morning!
I think that I was more excited then anyone about finding out- boy or girl!?!?!?!
I was shaking as the ultrasound tech started....
it's a...
Four boys in a row, bless Sarah's heart!!
There was only a very brief moment where Sarah had to really take it all in.
She's thrilled to have a healthy baby on the way and happy that Liam will have a baby brother to play with! I can't wait to meet little Anderson this spring!
Sarah has some of the best friends! They put together a little gender revel party for her.
After the ultrasound Sarah and I ran to Target, did some baby boy shopping and put together this little box. Boy or Girl!?

I love how everyone screamed!!
Then Sarah had Liam come up and open the box, he was so excited!! Liam and Anders will be such great buddies as they grow up!

That afternoon we picked up the boys from school and hung out in their backyard.
They sure loved Lila!
Mom was in Wyoming hanging out with Mary, who was waiting and waiting to go into labor.
But she decided to drive the two hours in Denver to hang out with Sarah and I.
Of course there was lots of shopping.
Mom and I had to try these sweaters on, I actually kind of really like mine!
Sarah found a TON of super cute boy things!

The next day we drove to some fun outlets and out to lunch with Mom before she drove back to Wyoming.
I loved just spending time with Sarah and her family. Her boys and such BOYS!
My last day in Denver Sarah and I hung out, chatted and went out to breakfast.
When we got back I took a couple of super quick pictures of all those Reed boys.
Ethan, he's growing up so fast! He and Ella are so much alike!
We still call Matthew, baby Matthew. He's such a sweet boy.
Liam is such a HAM! I love this kid!

It was so hard to get three boys to look at me!
Of course they needed a picture with snowy!
Sarah's soon to be family of 6, just like me!
Lila loved the boys and the boys loved Lila.
I had bought Sarah a couple of outfit- one for a boy and one for a girl.
Since she's having a boy, I couldn't let the cute girl outfit go to waste!
You can see her tiny little chubby legs! To me, that's super chunky!

Lila is so much fun! Love that baby!
And then it was time to say goodbye.
It was SO nice to be able to spend time with my sister.
As a kid I hated Sarah. She always had to SING everything and was so smart and cute and perfect. She made me sick. 
My Mom would tell me over and over, someday she will be your best friend.
She was right.
I love you Sarah! You're the best sister! I miss you all the time. I wish that we lived closer. 
I love our chats and the time that we do get to spend together.
Thank you for inviting me to your home and especially to your ultrasound. 
It made me feel so special to be able to be there with you!
Love you!

The flight home was good, but I was so tired. I figured out that keeping Lila in the front pack while seated really helped!
I had so much fun in Denver, but it's always good to be home!
A special thank you to Ryan and Sami who made it possible for me to go!
Thank you both so much!!

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