Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dirt Bikes

My Dad told me. He warmed that when he moved to Utah that he was going to get him into trouble.
I knew that trouble meant that he was going to get Ryan to buy things and do things I wouldn't like.
Just 6 weeks after they move here and he follows through with what he said.
Ryan bought a dirt bike.
My Dad grew up riding them and LOVES them! I remember as a kid him going riding and having bikes. So when he started looking into buying a new one, he wanted Ryan to come along and check them out. Then Dad told me he was having a hard time picking between two.
Easy, Dad buys one and Ryan buys the other.
At first I was pretty mad. Like really, really mad. But then I thought about how I don't want my Dad out riding alone and how I have been getting after Ryan about developing a hobby other then watching TV. 
So the afternoon before their first ride I went and bought Ryan all of the "gear".
He was pretty surprised I had done that since I was SO upset about him buying a bike.
We made a deal, ONE trip to the ER and the bike will be sold!
The boys loaded up and drove to a spot Ryan knew that was easy and close to the main road.
Of course I went to document Ryan's first ever dirt bike ride.
(I can't believe my dad fits in all of his motorcycle gear from 15 years ago!)
The view..
All set to go... feeling a little.. or a lot nervous.

First Ryan needed a little lesson.
He's been on ATV's before, but never a bike.

It was a little tricky, but he managed to get it going for a few minutes before it was completely dark outside.
The next day Ryan was able to get home from work on time and out to dirt bike a lot earlier.

Jack wishes that he could ride too!
Dad and his green bike. He was in heaven! Nothing he loves more then going on dirt bikes.

It so cute to see them work together. They are such great buddies!
Jack and Lilly wanted to come and watch.
Those bikes sure are load.

Day two was a lot better. Ryan really started figuring it out.

Sami turned around and asked "where are we that these three items are together!?"
Cigarettes, beer cans and a pregnancy test. Great.
Lilly didn't like how loud it was

It was so funny/scary.
I kept telling Dad that Ryan better not kill himself.... 
Well Ryan had been going slow, just feeling out the bike and how it worked.
Suddenly, Ryan went speeding away super fast. Dad looks at me and say's "oh no, he is going to kill himself.." and drove off after Ryan. Great.....
Everything was fine. Ryan was just feeling more comfortable.

So they went up and down these hills and along a trail.
Dad loved every second.
Ryan really figured it out and had so much fun. Defiantly his new favorite hobby.
Jack says he wants a dirt bike for Christmas now.
 I guess we are just a dirk bike family now.

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