Friday, September 6, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Lilly (On Her Birthday)

Lilly is TWO!! Happy Birthday Lilly!
In honor of her big day (and since we didn't have her party today) I thought it would be fun to go through an average day.
First of course is breakfast.

She loves apple juice, bananas and fruit loops

Sometimes needing a binkie in-between

and she ALWAYS finishes off the last of the milk
Next it's bath time.
She loves "swimming like a fishy"
She always needs a lot of toys and a little bubbles

Bath time usually lasts quite a while, she loves to play and splash
Then it's off to take Jack to school!
(I take Ella to school before Lilly wakes up)
She never wants to leave the house without her hair bow and sunglasses
Today we made a trip to the grocery store. We needed to pick up a little cake for tonight. 
Chocolate of course.

Home again and it's already time for lunch
Peanut butter and jelly with some apple sauce. Her favorite.
Of course Lila's around too. Always a good baby!

While we eat lunch and play we have to watch Tangled.
(I maybe should have done a Rapunzel  party.. next year!)
After lunch is playing with toys and nap time
Today they happened together
Still sleepy when it was time to pick the older kids up from school
It's so fun that they go to school together. Only for the next two years- then they will always be in different schools.
After we get home from pick up things get crazy- with home work and cleaning up and making dinner. After dinner and after getting ready for bed it was cake time!
Lilly needed to taste it and make sure it was good

She didn't really know how to blow at a candle very well. It took a couple of tries.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Lilly! Two years old already!
Times goes by so fast. Last night Ryan and I were looking at pictures of her when she was smaller, when he hair was shorter and she couldn't say much.
Now she's two years old and a little bigger and so smart.
I'm so glad that we have her.

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