Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Camp Fire in the Canyon

With summer winding down we thought we better take advantage for the last few warm nights up the canyon. Poor Gable (what Lilly calls Gabriel!) he wanted to play in the fire so bad...
My sister-in-law's parents came to town for the week, her Mom came to the fire with us. 
Ella loved chatting with her as they looked for kindling.
Little baby girl staying warm in her car-seat, more firewood searches and the beautiful canyon at sunset.
We were so close to the water, we had to watch Gabe and Lilly really well.
Lilly doesn't remember life without her Aunts living close by. She loves them both.
They are wonderful Aunts too!!
Lilly was doing such a great job of roasting her marshmallow and not letting it catch fire. 
Until I took this picture.
Lilly gets so sticky from smores, but it's so worth it!
Neinah sat enjoying her crocheting.
The boys roasted marshmallows for everyone.. over and over and over until we couldn't eat anymore!

Sami and Lilly
Ella likes cooking marshmallows, but doesn't love eating them.
Ella and Neianh
Grandma with two of her boys- Jack and Gabe
Francesca and her sweet Mom
I'm so glad that my parents moved here.
I was 10 when my Grandma (Mom) died. It's been something that's affected me my entire life. 
I've always wondered how things might be different had she not passed away.
I'm so glad for the love and influence that my parents give to my children and the chance my children have to build close relationships with their Grandparents.
Which no doubt will affect my children for the rest of their lives.
As it began to get really dark we all gathered close to the light of the fire.
Suddenly I look out past our circle of chairs to see three sets of little glowing eyes!!
I grabbed my camera, but didn't make it in time to get a picture.
They ran into the bushes near us, where they sat waiting no doubt for any leftover marshmallows!
I kept looking all around me, thinking we might be ambushed at anytime by a band of racoons!
Mostly worried about my sweet baby who had to sit a little ways away from the fire.
We went home soon after that. Maybe it wasn't a good idea for a bunch of women and children to be in the dark canyon alone!

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