Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Robinson's in Arizona

Yippee! The Robinson girl's came to visit us this week from Utah! (John had to stay at home. Bummer man.) Ella was so excited to see her best friend Avorie! We made a sign for them and couldn't wait for them to get here! It was so sweet when Ella and Avorie saw each other in the airport- they ran to hug one another. After their long trip they couldn't wait to get to our new house here in Arizona. They got right back into the swing of things. I was very pleased at how well they got along even after all the time they had been apart. True friendships last forever no matter the distance! The girls were so excited to sleep on an air mattress together and watch movies! (Thank you Shumways!) THURSDAY
Their first full day here! We got up and since it was Ryan's day off we all decided to go up to the mall in Scottsdale. They have two stores that I just love- Babystyle and Janie and Jack! Ryan's Mom met us there! Ella loves her Grandma and Avoire and Addy loved her too! We did some shopping and ate some yummy pizza before going over the Rick and Sandy's to swim. Ella and Avorie got to drive there in the back of Grandma's convertible! It was Avories first time, she said that it was a little windy, but a lot of fun. Sandy said that whenever they went over a hill the girls would put their hands up and scream.

Jack and Addy got along pretty well. I couldn't ever get a picture of both of them looking at the camera at the same time. Stinkers.
The kids loved swimming. They wouldn't have ever gotten out! Ryan loved teasing them and splashing them. But they got him back!Swimming was exhausting. Time for a little rest and some sponge bob.
After our very long day of fun we took the Robinson's to my favorite place- Culvers!!!
Before & After

As a kid Tiffany never had her hair put into sponge curlers- so we did.

We wanted to have a day for just making crafts and baking! But first we had to get some supplies.

As a little girl Tiff loved wax lips. We found some at world market and she HAD to get some. Funny huh!?
Diva's with attitude! More shopping. Addy conked out in the stroller. Ella and Avorie loved seeing themselves on a screen making silly faces!
After all that shopping the kids wanted to cool down at the splash pad!

At first Addy didn't want to get wet. But when she did there was no going back. That kid is crazy! I love the saggy bottom.
Finally we got home and made some yummy sugar cookies!
Addy and Jack enjoying some snacks together! Jack-Jack loves his new sippy! He loves drinking from a straw so this kind is perfect! SATURDAY
Ella and Avorie put on a puppet show for Jack and Addy. I was surprise at how the little kids really sat there and watched. It was adorable
Tiffany sewing. She took on her biggest project yet- an apron! Ella and Avorie made these cute bags that I got at Wal-mart for 2 bucks each. They loved it! Viola! It was pretty stressful, but she finished it! Turned out super cute!
After our projects were completed we headed to a fun train park!
I thought it was funny when the girls all wanted to go in the cattle car on the train ride. They couldn't even see out. They all screamed when we went through a tunnel. They also got to meet the conductor!
We all went on the carousel there. We found out the difference between a merry-go-round and a carousel. A carousel is one with only horses and a merry-go-round can have any kind of animals. Funny huh. Learn something new everyday. After that ride though, uh, I was feeling awful. Nothing a little ice cream couldn't cure though. Jack LOVED the ice cream! I shouldn't give him dairy yet, oh well, he loved it. He made a huge mess!
Off to the playground at the train park!
Tiff took these pictures of Jack and me playing. (It was pretty dark so I'm glad some turned out ok.) He's such a sweet boy and so much fun!
After our afternoon at the train park us Mom's (Tiff, me and Lauren) got to go out for a fun girl's night to Olive Garden! It's Tiff and my favorite place to eat together! Thanks again Joseph for helping Ryan watch the kids. Yes, you read right- Ryan and Joseph watch all of the kids for us to go out, ALL of them, even Jack! It was heaven!
When we got home I put the girls hair in sponge curlers for church in the morning. You can also see the pillow cases that we made for each girl. We thought it would be something fun to make for them to remember each other. The only problem was they couldn't agree on a fabric that they both liked. Avorie wanted the cherries and Ella wanted to pock-a-dots. Tiff came up with the idea of using both fabrics, a different fabric on each side. So they both got what they wanted. Now anytime Ella wants to remember Avorie all she has to do is turn it to the cherry side.
The last full day before they had to go back to Utah. Poor Ella, her hair is so thick and was so wet the night before that in the morning her hair was still wet and so her curls didn't look so good. On the other hand Avorie looked adorable!
After a long day at church these kids were exhausted!
We finally got around to decorated the cookies that we had made and also made some bread and pies!
Before dinner we went outside to take some pictures!
Cute sisters!
Ella- always the model!
Tiffy- so beautiful!
Best friends.
After dinner we took some treats to some families in the ward as a Halloween surprise. The girls loved being sneaky! Then we had to have the yummy pie- if you didn't know, I make a darn good apple pie!
Last night before going home to Utah!
It was so sad to take the Robinson's to the airport. I love these pictures of Ella and Avorie saying goodbye. So sweet. As they walked away Ella started crying. Poor girl.
Thank You Robinson ladies for coming to see us! It was SO fun having you here, we can't wait for you to come see us again soon! We love you guys!


Ballard's said...

looks like you really did have as much fun as you said you did! Well I wish I could have been there too! those bags are so cute!

Lauren said...

It was fun to meet Tiff and her girls. Thanks for including us! :) I'm glad that you had fun with your friend. Good friends are AWESOME! :)

Karla Lewis said...

OK, I'm totally exhausted just from seeing how busy you were! It looks like you had a ton of fun, and made great memories for your girls!

Karla Lewis said...
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Ashlee said...

You had a busy week! Looks like lots of fun, oh and LOVE the big lips, so cute! Cute bags too and the curly hair! It was good to talk to you yesterday!

Andre, Melissa and Jolie said...

Wow, you guys had one busy week! I am glad that you got to spend time with Tiffany! It looks like both you and the kids had a great time!

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