Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just another Tuesday

It has been so wonderful having a high chair! Ella never really cared about sitting in one and I never HAD to have her sit in one. Jack however is a different story. It's been so much easier to load the dish washer and bake knowing that he is up and thus unable to climb onto the dish washer door and pull all of the silverware out and so that I don't have to hold him at bay with one leg while trying to take something out of the oven. Both very unsafe things. Happily not a problem anymore!
With the addition of the high chair we have been allowing Jack more foods to test out. This mess is a twinkie and a chocolate cupcake. (you know the one with the white frosting loops on the top) & (these are not things that we usually have in the house. With Ella being on fall break we are just going crazy!)

He's started doing this thing with his mouth. It's almost like he's whistling. It's so cute!
Had to get cleaned up after all of that!

He loves to drink from the faucet. He puts the whole thing in his mouth. Silly boy.
He knows how to pose- protecting all of his "special" things.
New food idem number 2. Pickle.

Enough said.
Of course a picture of Ella too! While Jack napped- after the inevitable sugar drop- Ella and I watched Sleeping Beauty! She has always wanted it and was so excited when it was coming out on DVD! What's a movie without popcorn and grape soda!?


Proofs said...
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Karla Lewis said...

Cute pictures of Jack! He looks like he had an awesome snack!
Also, love the expression on Ella's face at Culver's.

Karla Lewis said...
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Lauren said...

Keep feeding him. Does he like just plain old bread? I'm glad that he likes his chair. :)

Ashlee said...

Ewe, pickles!!! So funny when they try new things for the first time!

Tiffany Robinson said...

It is amazing that you went so long without a high chair. My girls were in it by 4 months. Jack gets to have so much fun with foods....that is awesome. Adilyn still likes to try anything we are eating.

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