Sunday, October 26, 2008

Field Trip to Schnepf Farms

For weeks now Ella has been looking forward to going on her very first field trip with her Kindergarten class to Schnepf Farms. Its only 10 minuets from home. It's a pumpkin patch with rides, food and shows. The most exciting part- going on a BUS!

Waiting to get onto the bus!
After what seemed like forever the bus finally got there!Is it just me, or does Ella look so tiny. She looks too little to go on a bus. (Yes, I'm a werido and got on the bus to take pictures of her sitting in her seat) She sat with her two best friends in school- Dylin and Ava.I was so sad when I thought that I wasn't going to be able to go with Ella on her first ever field trip- until I found out two days before that I could go, just not on the bus. So my friend Melissa (Ava's Mom) and I plus our little ones followed the bus and met them there. Parents were able to volunteer (we couldn't, we have babies) to go and were then assigned a small group of children. It was so nice because Ella was assigned to a Mom in our ward who had volunteered along with her little boy, Ava and Dylin. Perfect! Ella, Dylin, Justin and AvaFirst off to the petting zoo! Ella loved the HUGE cow, the nice donkey and this fat little pig!Ella, Ava and Dylin
They had so many fun things to do! They had this huge slide that all the kids went on a million times. Ella loved the airplane ride! She knew she wanted to be on the "fire" one with the flames! Poor Jack-Jack he wasn't feeling so great. It was still pretty hot (something we aren't used to in October) and I tried to keep him in the shade. At first Ella chickened out on this ride. Which was weird, she's always so brave. After the first round of seeing her friends on it she decided that it didn't look scary at all and that kid who said it went super fast was wrong. She loved it.

Bee ride! Then it was off to lunch. The only thing half as good as going on the bus was that she got to take a lunch. As soon as Ella found out she said that she HAD to get a lunch box. How else would she take a lunch? She knew exactly what kind of lunch box she wanted- Hello kitty with a flower. Thank goodness Target had exactly that! The only bummer was when the day before the trip we found out that she couldn't take it. Disposable lunches only. Major disappointment. However, when I found out that I could go I had to take a lunch too right? So maybe she and I switched, me taking the sack lunch and her the hello kitty, so what? After lunch the kids got tickets to ride a little train!
Ella, Justin, Ava and Dylin!
Yippee! Jack was asleep in the stroller so he and I didn't go.
Dylin, Justin, Ava, Julie, Ella, Melissa and Dillon

Ella was sooo afraid to go on the swing ride, yet didn't hesitate at all to go on the huge roller coaster. She actually went on it twice, the first time she sat in the front row with Ava! Second time in the middle/back with Dylin.

By now it has been a long day. It was so dusty and dirty and hot. Poor Ella, Jack scratched her on the chin.Pumpkin patch! They each got to pick a small pumpkin to take home!Jack hasn't ever been to a pumpkin patch- he loved it! I think that he liked all of the pumpkins because they resembled a ball. He just wanted to throw all of them. Such a boy.All three of us looking tired and ready to go home and take a nap. Heading back on the school bus. It was so fun, I'm super glad that I got to go too. We were only able to do and see about half the things that were there. Next year we'll have to go again. Thank you Melissa for coming with us- it was SO much fun hanging out with you guys!


Ashlee said...

What a fun field trip and Pumpkin Patch!!! Looks like Ella had so much fun on her first field trip, glad you were able to make it! P.S. I bought that same monster shirt for Grady that Jack has on at Target!!
Oh...and you guys look awesome for your Halloween party!

Tiffany Robinson said...

Wow sounds much better then Avorie's field trip. That is great that you got to go. Man I for sure want to visit that place when we come to visit next year.

The Bullards said...

Great pictures!!! It was a really fun (and long) day!!!

Shalyse said...

That looks like so much fun! Ella sure is getting big! Riding a bus, field trips, and all of the other fun things she is doing! That is so much fun! Hey, what city do you live in in Arizona? We will be in AZ for Christmas and I may have a little time to sneak away to come see you depending on where you live. I don't know if you guys will be in town anyway, but I thought it would be worth a try. You are great Rachel! You have two adorable children! Love you!

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