Saturday, October 25, 2008


So while Tiff was here the weather cooled down a bit and the kids were finally able to play outside more. During that time Jack figured out how to get onto Ella's little bike and how to push himself both forward and backward. It's SO cute! So now all Jack wants to do is ride Ella's bike. He will even go to the garage door and bang on it. (Letting me know that he really wants to go ride the bike) The evening that these pictures were taken he stayed on the bike for over an hour! I tried getting him off to do other things.. balls, chalk- NO he wanted the bike. Now all he needs is something that's NOT pink! Hahahahahaha! His birthday is coming up soon! Just one month away. Yikes, that's SO soon! My little baby, a big boy. Sad.

1 comment:

Tiffany Robinson said...

It looks like he is doing even better when he has shoes on. Just that extra length and he is going going gone.

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