Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ella has been taking a dance class from a girl in our ward for the past month or so. Last night was their BIG performance! I didn't know what to expect- it was awesome! Ella was SO good and has obviously learned a lot. (I didn't know because she never wanted to show me any moves.) Ella knew all the steps for every dance! At the end she got a treat bag!
Gracee and Ella!

Ava and Ella
Dylin and Ella
I'm so proud of Ella! She's such a good girl!
We were so happy that Grandma and Grandpa Bailey were able to come and watch Ella too! They even brought her some flowers! Thank you so much for coming- I know that it meant a lot to Ella that you came and supported her!
After Grandma and Grandpa took us all out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate!
Ella loves their RIBS!
Thank you Rigby family and especially Mykee for having such a fun dance class! Ella had a great time! She looks up to Mykee so much!


Tiffany Robinson said...

She looks so grown up. I can't wait to see how tall she is. Too bad we missed it. Ella has such a great memory and I know she is such a great dancer. Way to Go ELLA!!

Sarah said...

She did such a great job. It was so fun to see you there!!

Ashlee said...

Ella looks so "cool" in her sunglasses! That's so fun that Gramma and Grampa could be there!!! She is such a cutie, I hope you are having fun with Tiffany this week!

Dave and Courtney said...

That is so sweet! She is adorable! I keep thinking I want to put Andalyn in a Dance class but I'm not sure she's old enough yet. But hopefully sometime next year!

Andre, Melissa and Jolie said...

How fun! I remember doing dance concerts at her age, they were so much fun! I bet she felt so special getting flowers! That is great that Sandy and Rick could come! Ella looked so cute in her little dance outfit! Good Job Ella!

Ballard's said...

hi ryan i miss you. i hope you are having fun in arizona. im having fun here. its not the same without you. the nights are ... well ... the nights are longer :*(

love jake

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