Monday, August 4, 2008


Yes, Jack has started standing. He started out holding onto a table and would go to grab something and let go without even knowing it. Then one time he looked down and realized I can do this. So now he will stand all the time. He can even bend over to pick something up and stand back up. He's still not taking too many steps very well but we suspect that he'll be walking well before his first birthday. (I love the picture where he's showing me the horse!)
This week Jack has also found the most dreadful of all things- yes ladies and gentleman, he's found the toilet! I've caught him playing in the water twice now! Yuck! We have to make sure that the bathroom doors stay shut tight! Good thing both times it was in a toilet that had just been cleaned!
Other naughty things that this kid loves to do- play with the computer printer! He's always pushing the buttons and jamming the paper! Cell phones or anything electronic. BALLS! Eating bar soap when in the bath tub. Pulling out all of Ella's Cd's. Unplugging anything from the wall. He LOVES the vacuum! He always wants to play with it and stand on the front of it. Most kids are so afraid of the sound, no, he loves it and tries to follow me around when I'm trying to vacuum! And of course food. Anything that we are eating, he wants to eat too!


Andre, Melissa and Jolie said...

That is fun that he standing now! Jolie stood for the first time yesterday for about 20 seconds. She let go of the table and was holding on to something else and when she realized that she wasn't holding on to the table that is when she fell! He is growing up so fast he will be a 9 month walker I am sure! EWWW toilet water gross!

Tiffany Robinson said...

WOW! I love how little he is. his small skinny legs, it's a wonder he can stand up with those j/k lol. he has to stop learning so many new things. maybe we will see him before he turns one...hopefully.

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