Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kindergarten here she comes!

This week we were able to meet with Ella's teacher, see her classroom and even meet some of the kids that will be in her class! ( we already know about half the class- they are all in her primary class at church!) She was very excited and her teacher seems very nice. Ella is really looking forward to going and learning a lot of new things. I on the other hand am STILL freaking out. I just keep thinking, she's not going to be able to find the bathroom- she's doesn't know enough letter names and sounds! I'm sure that it will ware off over the first couple of weeks. I'm also trying not to let Ella see how nervous I am. Today we went to get all of her school supplies- she can't wait for Monday to get here! (Side note, Jack has figured out how to climb out of the baby seat in the cart, even when buckled in. He didn't fall.. yet. I was lucky that I saw him BOTH times. What the heck am I going to do with this kid!?)


Andre, Melissa and Jolie said...

Ahh cute! She is so grown up now! Next she will be getting baptized and going on dates!

Tiffany Robinson said...

oh ELLA!! she's not over the thumb thing better hurry before permanent teeth come in. Maybe with ELLA in school you might can get some one on one time with just JACK! maybe he is crying out for some
I learned a little of that with ADILYN.

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