Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bailey Family Fun

Ryan and I decided that since he had the day off we should go and have some family time. He's been so busy with work and other projects. This was Jack waiting to pick up Ella from her second day of school!
We went to Dave and Buster's! Ryan had a gift card from work. Ella thought it was Chuck E Cheese.

Ella kicked Ryan's trash

A rare picture of me. I am always behind the camera.
With all of the tickets Ella got this cool lollipop that lights up!
We ended our evening by eating dinner at Mimi's Cafe! One of our favorites!

It was so funny, while eating Jack started making some weird noises and his face got really red. Once again- mean Mom. I'm sure that someday he'll be mortified that I posted a picture of him "doing his business".

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Andre, Melissa and Jolie said...

We have never gone to Dave and Busters before! But it looks fun! That is funny that Ella thought you were at Chuck- e- cheese! I love MiMi's Cafe it is so yummy! I get hot choclate to drink every time it doesn't matter if I am there for dinner in the summer time I still get it, it is yummy!

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