Saturday, August 2, 2008


With the outside temperature over 110 we decided to go swimming.... again. Anyone sick of swimming pictures yet??? Ella has learned so much this summer. Her new trick's are diving down to the bottom of the deep end to get her diving rings and jumping off someones sholders and into the water! She's so brave!
If you're wondering... who is that strange man playing with Ella? He's our good friend Joseph Shumway. He was there with his daughter, Ella's best bud Gracee. It was lucky that we went the same time as them because Jack was very fussy and Ella would have been very frustrated that I couldn't help her do more tricks. Thank you Joseph! Don't you love their matching swimming suits!?


Lauren said...

I LOVE their matching suits! thank you so much for Gracee's! I'm glad that Joseph was able to help you and have fun yesterday at the pool!

Tiffany Robinson said...

SO CUTE! oh I miss Ella and Avorie together. We were looking through the scrapbook and Avorie keeps saying how she will never see Ella again and gets so sad. I need to figure out when we are coming to visit, so she has something to look forward to.

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