Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rental House

Ryan and Jack taking a break. Ella loved helping unpack all of the boxes. Which meant dumping them all into a huge pile in the loft and her bedroom! AH!
It's a pretty nice place. It was really dirty when we first moved in and it took me several days to get used to being here. I think it's turning out pretty nice. It's just so empty! The majority of our furniture is still in the Utah house, to hopefully help in selling it. Ella loves the backyard patio and that it's pretty much the same floor plan as our house in Utah so she doesn't get as lost. (She's terrible at directions!) It's got a neighborhood pool and many parks including one right in front of our house! We are literally two seconds from a super Wal-mart and Target. Plus many many other shops! (more pictures to come!)

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Andre, Melissa & Jolie said...

Rachel-- ah what if is some creep see's your address and comes to visit you??!!?? You should take off you address, thats scary!

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