Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

On Saturday Ryan's family got together to celebrate Mother's Day. Ella was so excited to go in the hot tub again. I think that she really would live in it if she could. She has been so afraid of the pool though and hasn't wanted to go in even though it's very warm. Well this time her cousin's Zach and Tori were there and after about a half an hour she finally took the plunge into the big pool. She's getting better at swimming but still needs her arm floaties.
On Sunday we found our new ward. It seems very nice with many other families having small children. Everyone was very friendly and I'm looking forward to making some friends- I hope that Ryan can too! Ella makes friends everywhere she goes, even the grocery store, I'm not at all worried about her. For Mothers Day Ella made me a card and Ryan did what I wanted most- helped me clean the house and make dinner!
I hope that you all had a great Mothers Day!

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Andre, Melissa & Jolie said...

I missed everyone on Saturday :( I am glad you had a good mothers day. When I was little I took swim lessons through the city, I remember how fun they were and I made lots of friends because you go every Saturday. If you want you should look into that for Ella, I bet she will love it! They also have Mommy and me classes so you and Jack could go at the same time!

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