Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family Walk

Ella loved world market

and the big red things in front of Target

Tonight after we got back from swimming we were thinking that it was such a nice night we should walk- the very short walk- over the our gas station and get a drink. Once we were there we thought that we should just keep going and see more of the shopping around us. We have just about everything that we could need all within walking distance! They have music playing in the parking lots and every one's out since it's a lot cooler in the evenings. Ella's happy to live so close to a panda express! Earlier tonight I realised that I didn't have any salsa for dinner so I drove over to the store, I was gone no more then 5 minuets! It's so wonderful to be this close to everything! I'm sure that we will go on many more family walks!


Tiffany Robinson said...

looks like all of you are getting use to be more of a night owl. That is nice that you can go out and be back so quick now.

Elliott Ashlee and Gavin said...

I'm so glad that you found a place to live so quickly and that you all are doing well! Sounds like a great area with lots of young families, that'll be perfect for you guys! Hope Ryan is liking his job, Jack is growing up too fast! Take care! -Ashlee

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