Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Last of Christmas Break

There's nothing Lilly loves more these days then some Chocolate milk and "Frozen" movie trailers!
So sad to be saying goodbye to all of my little primary kids. The good thing is now I get a new round of little 4 year olds! I made these little sucker handouts for them.
Lila liked the suckers too. Her first See's candy!
This baby is growing up way too fast! Sitting up, getting teeth, rolling over and even starting to CRAWL!

Yep, she's mobile! She's been scooting herself around and even getting up onto her knees sometimes!

Love this outfit! One of my all time favorites.
 Jack was THRILLED to get his class pet Tigeriffic!
Jack needed to document all of the things they did together.


Ok, this is crazy! She's only 6 months old!!!

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