Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years!

With so many friends and family in Utah now, we have started having to split our time ;)
First stop was John and Tiffany's! Lisa and Jake, Jill and Blaine were there too!
Ryan played some poker, which Lisa ALWAYS wins! Good thing it's just for fun!
The girls were being so silly!

We drove all the way to my Mom and Dad's just in time for midnight.
Lots of people were doing fireworks!
Jack loved it! He especially loved the noise makers my Mom handed out!
Sami and Tyler
Well maybe I wanted a kissing picture too.... Ryan may have taken it a little too far though..

We still had Ella's Karaoke machine there, so all of the girls put on quite the show.
There was a lot of high school musical going on.

Even Sami got in on the singing
Soon it was late and we were all getting tired.

Happy New Year!! 
I'm so excited to see what 2014 will bring!

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