Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Photos

Friday night = girls night! We painted our nails and did facials.
Saturdays are for laying around in bed.. with all 4 children. How blessed am I?
I was walking down the hall and heard some talking (I thought everyone was in bed!) and I walked in on this. What a nice Daddy to play Barbies with Lilly!

This baby must be growing, she is so sleepy all the time

I sure love these little ladies! They keep me busy, but I couldn't be happier!
Well... I threw away all of my anti-bacterial soap.
I had been reading quite a few things about anti-bacterial soap burns.
Sure enough... 
Lilly washed her hands last night.. by herself. 
The next morning I found her like this. A thin layer of soap on her skin that obviously she didn't wash off well enough. A couple of weeks ago Ryan was washing up and same thing, didn't rinse off well enough and had the same thing.
It was so sad to look at her. She didn't really seem to care or feel bothered by it at all.

By that night she was a lot better.
I seriously threw away all of my anti-bacterial.
Just plain old soap for us from now on.
Ryan and I have been SO BAD and having little bowls of ice cream at night after the kids go to bed.
Lila LOVES it! I think she looks forward to it as much as I do ;)

So big!! Half way to her first birthday!
Maisy got to come for the weekend.
The kids always stay up way too late, but always have so much fun.
We spent our day together shopping and getting cupcakes
This little lady has started to nurse less and less. It's sad that my days of hanging out in the mothers lounge are coming to an end :( 
I've got to soak it all in while I can
Ryan is the best primary teacher. We team teach the CTR 4 class in our ward. 
It's true, there's no such thing as a small or unimportant calling. We love helping their little testimonies grow every week!
Sunday naps are the BEST!
I turned my head for one second!
Lilly is such a good little Mommy.
She actually did a great job! Such sweet baby girls!

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