Monday, January 20, 2014

Extreme Air Sports

Lisa and Tiffany called to invite us to a fun play place.
All of the kids were a little nervous at first, but all warmed up quickly.

Ella and Maisy were FEARLESS!
They got right in and were trying all kinds of fun stunts!

Adi got hurt in the first few minutes and was so sad.. finally after a really long time she built up the courage to try again.
Avorie might be little, but she's not a wimp!

Lilly's so light, she didn't sink into the foam at all, but just floated on top!

Poor Lilly, she was too scared to ever drop..

Yep, I was talked into jumping as well. It was scary, but fun.

Thanks ladies! It was such a fun day! We'll have to go again sometime.

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