Saturday, August 10, 2013

Family Night

I found some cheap year passes to Trafalga and had everyone get one!
As soon as we got them we all decided to go!
Gabe loved going on the planes with Jack and Lilly!
Anna and Neinah have made some great friends who live right across the street from them!
They too have passes and came along. Ella LOVED having out with all those teenage girls.
Even though he was tired, Ryan came straight from work to come and play.
Jack loves hanging out with her Dad and Grandpa, just another one of the guys!

Of course Sami came and wanted to take Lilly on all of the rides!
Nice photo bomb random Trafalga worker....

It was so much fun watching Ryan and Dad race each other!
Ryan wouldn't let anyone pass...
I told Ella and if she went on the boats she would get wet, but she didn't care. She got SOAKED!
Poor Ryan, so tired...

Lilly saw the dancing game and thought this looked about the same.
She didn't care, it was a dancing game to her!

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