Sunday, August 25, 2013

Elizabeth's Wedding

The night before Bizzy's big day!
We decided to have a little bachelorette party for her. Just some treats and things at the house.
First we had to go get some!
With Mary being big and pregnant and Cass having a bum foot they got to rock these awesome scooters! It was so funny, Mary couldn't stop laughing... and running into things!
Bizzy has had such a long hard road...
Married a guy from high school, had two kids.. but it just wasn't working out.
The missionaries in her area even taught her husband the discussions, but it just didn't work out.
They got divorced.
After Bizzy was out on her own again she wished that she could meet someone who would treat her better and love her the way she deserved. Someone like that one missionary who had taught her ex-husband. Then one day that missionary contacted her! He had always wondered how she could be with a husband that treated her so badly and obviously didn't love her. She was such a nice wife and mother, he wanted to marry someone just like her someday. They started talking, then dating, then they got engaged. But there were things to be worked out, it would take some time. It took a long time, but to them it was worth it, to be married in the temple.
So finally this past weekend, they did it! Bizzy and Tyler were married in the Salt Lake temple.
It was so wonderful to see Bizzy in the temple!! I cried just a little. For all of the time she was trying to have the perfect little family that just wouldn't work, she just needed to wait for her missionary to come and save her.
It was so fun to have so many people there cheering them on! She looked Beautiful (i'll try and add pictures later)
All 6 of us sisters were there, all worthy to enter the temple.
It was a good day.
Lilly got to wear a dress that Neinah had worn to some of us older kids weddings!
She liked how it floated up in the air conditioning.
After Bizzy and Tyler left for their honeymoon we got to spend some time with Jet and Leo who were staying with my parents! Sarah and her boys were here too! Lots of fun with cousins'. 
We all went to check out the new sporting goods store.
There were lots of places to take silly pictures.
Matthew wanted one of him hanging off the jeep!
Poor Jet was so sorry that he decided not to go on the big ferris wheel.. it was a lot of fun.
Gabe loved the bear... Lilly did not.
Jack had so much fun playing with his cousin Jet. They hardly know each other, but that didn't stop them from having a great time together.

We decided it would be fun to try and get a picture of all the cousin's together.
(Missing are Lucy, Benny, Kylie, Chyler and Scarlett, Anders and Franny's babies who aren't born yet!)
Best we could get... My parents have 16- soon to be 19 grand-kids!

The kids love being at Grandma and Grandpa's! 
Lilly especially loves Bunny! I'm just glad that I don't have to have a dog, they can play with one at Grandma's house. Bunny obviously is a good dog, who lets little children ride her, pull her ears and lay all over her.
One evening all of us ladies made it out for a girls dinner.
We played a game "What's the weirdest thing in your purse!?" Maybe Sarah wanted to play because she knew she would win. She had Thomas the Train little boys underwear- wasn't sure how clean they were! Although Mary was a close second with a bunch of crouton's smashed in the bottom of her purse.
I I love a girls night!!

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