Sunday, August 11, 2013

Swimming up the Canyon

Going up the canyon is so nice. 
All I have to do is sit in a camp chair, eat food and hold my baby.
It's always fun when lots of people come along.
These guys are almost a year apart. They are just about the same size though!
Ella loves to explore. She's proud to say that shes a "Tom boy".
Everyone is always so helpful in watching Lilly. She's so sneaky.
One of Jack favorite things to do is find kindling for the fire. He's my best helper man!
It was a hot day and all of the kids had fun playing and splashing in the cool river water.
Dad can't ever just sit- unless it's in front of a TV- so he decided to make a little dam.
It made a  nice little pool for the kids to swim in.
Ella was the only one brave enough to go all the way under!

My dirty little bird.

Again, these are the children of a Mother who has her hands full. 
The biggest change with having 4 kids is that I just can't get to everything anymore.
These kids sure loved ruining their swimming suits by sliding down the hill on their bottoms.

Ryan couldn't sit still anymore either. So what's he do? Go pick a fight with my Dad.
Ryan splashed Dad good, so Dad was going to try and throw Ryan into the river. 
Nice Ryan, using our little daughter as a human shield!
Looking over on Dad's dam.
He seriously spent the entire day making it. I think he said his legs and feet were numb after that for a long time. (The water was pretty dang cold!)
32 years of marriage.

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