Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Week of Christmas and Our Stay-cation!

 After Christmas we slept in, ate lots of yummy treats, played games and watched movies.

 Ryan was able to take the whole week off, something he almost never gets to do!

 Ryan's brother Elliott and family were able to come see us as they traveled through Utah.
We got to meet baby Stella! Lilly and Lila sure loved her!

 Although these guys play together online all the time, that's all they wanted to do when they got together in person too!

 The next morning the girls couldn't wait to go see Stella!

 Jack, Grady, Gavin and Miles
These guys are all pretty close in age and even though we don't see them very often, they always play so well together!

 Time for Vacation!
Ryan and I planned a little stay-cation.
We got a hotel downtown and surprised the kids!

 We picked the hotel right next to the ice skating rink!

Ella's pretty dang good!

 I love this video! 
Lila saw some people doing some pretty amazing tricks and she had to try to do the too!

 Back to the hotel and we were too tired to swim.
We watched some TV and had some treats.

Chocolate hands!

 In the morning we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

 All the hot chocolate you can drink!

 Thankfully we still had time to go swimming for a bit before we had to check out.

 It was so fun splashing and playing in the hot tub while it's snowing outside!

 We got dressed and checked out.
Short, but fun.

 We then finally saw the new star wars movie!
I have to admit, I chocked up a little while old characters came on screen.
So nostalgic!

We got dinner before making our way home.
Ella was especially so helpful the whole trip! I don't know how we would get along without her!

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