Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Polar Express

 What a trip!
It was such a fun surprise when Santa brought us tickets for the train to the North Pole! The kids were so excited to ride the Polar Express!
So on our scheduled day we all hopped in the car and start making the drive up to Heber.
However, that's when it started to snow too. Hard.
We got stuck behind some slow cars and ended up driving up the mountain at around 15 miles per hour. Even though I had given us over an hour to get there, as we rounded the corner of Deer Creek I knew we were going to miss the train.
Everyone was pretty let down. I called the train station and a lady was so sweet to get us the last tickets for the last train of the season!
So we tried again! As we started making our second drive in two days up to Heber, it started to snow again. We all thought "not again!"
But this time we got ahead of the plows! With Ryan's amazing driving of the old red, we made it!
And just in time.

 I guess I didn't know what to expect, but the seats were much smaller then I thought they would be.
It was also much colder then I thought it would be.

 The drive to the North pole seemed long and it was sad we couldn't really see out of the windows. We should have gone earlier in the day.

 We all got cookies and some hot cocoa.

 A little unsure about this whole thing....

 Jack was so excited! He couldn't wait to get off the train and check out the North Pole!

 There he is!
Poor Jack, he was so sad when he found out they weren't going to let us off the train!
(They usually do.. I guess.)

But Santa was able to come aboard!

Everyone got a bell. 

 The way back from the North Pole they had dancing and a little band that came around to entertain us. Lila LOVED dancing with all of the helpers and wouldn't let them go.

 Maybe Ryan drank too much hot cocoa...

Total devastation. I'll have to figure out how to get him to the North Pole next year.

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