Saturday, December 19, 2015


 This little baby still loves cuddling up on "Daddy's pillow" because it's more "comfy".

We bought a kit to make gingerbread houses, so much easier then making them from scratch or with gram-crackers! (I even hot glue the house together, all they ever eat off of it is the candy anyways!)

 The littles took their time and sat at the table for well over an hour.

 A couple of days later was Lucia day! It was kind of thrown together last minute this year.
I really need to plan for this better since I sure do love it and have so many wonderful memories doing this as a kid!

 My Mom was a little worried about the real candles, but no carpet caught on fire. :)

 She's still obsessed with horses.. 

 We finally got some good snow and the kids couldn't wait to get outside and .... shovel it.
Sounded good to me! Child labor at it's best.

 In the afternoon there was lot of playing in the snow until fingers were too cold and everyone needed hot cocoa.

 Lilly looked so cute for her pre-school Christmas party!
Last day before Christmas break!!

 Someone needed a new coat, I love this one so much!
My little princess!

 I love going to Jack's school concerts!
He's slowly.. slowly doing better. Maybe we'll even get a smile out of him someday!

 Every year I try and get tickets to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert and finally I did! I got two! So Ryan and I made a date out of it!

 Our seats were pretty good. Ryan (Of course) made fun of it.. but as soon as it started he loved it.
It really was amazing and I'm so happy that we were able to go.

 After we tried to find somewhere to eat, but so many places were full.
To the roof we went! We had never eaten there before. It was pretty good.

 I doubt we will get tickets again, at least for a while. But I will be happy to go if we ever do.

 Every year, EVERY YEAR I say I'm going to take the kids to see "The Nutcracker" but never have.
So sad.
Ella went once with my Mom.
So this was finally the year! Lila was too little and I knew she would just cause trouble so she stayed with Grandma.

 Lilly was GLUED! I loved watching it through her eyes.
It was the production at the Covey center in Provo and I was pleasantly surprised.

 I let the kids pick our a nutcracker to remember the night.
I'm so glad we went, what a fun night.

 Lilly had become obsessed with this nutcracker! I didn't let her sleep with it tough.

 We had plans to take the younger kids (Ella was at a youth activity) to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square, but the traffic was so horrible we gave up. Instead we drove down to Provo for some Chinese!
Lilly has always been good with the chop sticks!

 Although we missed Ella, it was fun to take the kids out for a nice dinner.
I found this on my phone.. and I love it.
Seems right.

 Everyone decides the week of Christmas to clean our the garage right?
Well Jack did.. and mostly just made a bigger mess. But it did motivate me to get things cleaned up inside too. All clean for Christmas.

 Some cat keep's leaving us "presents". These are not the presents I asked for... Gross.

 More sugar cookies, this time at Grandma and Grandpa's!

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