Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's December!

 Now that this guy is officially 8 years old he is finally able to go to CUB SCOUTS!!
He's been looking forward to this his entire life.
So happy!

 It was so sad because actually he ran over to his den leaders house and it had been CANCELLED!.
Jack was SO sad, just have to wait one more week.

 Ella's first school choir concert. She loves to sing!

 She is my sassy girl..

This is my life... Everyday.

 Sometimes I have a contest to see who has the best eyebrows with my sisters.
 I didn't win.

 Love having all of Christmas out.. Maybe we have a little too much..

 Jack wishes that I could have lunch with him every single day.. (Which I should take advantage of since someday he wont feel that way) So I surprised him with a happy meal.
He was so surprised and so happy.

 Lilly got to go on a field trip with her preschool to go see Santa at the mall. It had been a crazy couple of days. After a long day of work Ryan knew that I had a million places to be all at the same time and called to see what he could do.. He was able to go with Lilly and have some special Daddy- daughter tie. I loved having his help, it was so needed this week!

 Got around to wrapping the first of the Christmas gifts! I can't wait!!

 Well great... Now she said she knows what she's going to ask Santa for this year...

 Jack got to pick a country to research what their Christmas traditions were and then present it to the class. EASIEST project ever!!

 Every year the neighborhood puts on a little Christmas program..
Lila was so naughty.. she ended up sitting on the teachers lap for almost the entire time.
Yep, that was my kid screaming..

 Lilly got to sit with some of her good friends Cindy and Savey!

 I found this on my phone.. one of the kids obviously took it. :) 

Lilly learned how to draw hearts and now gives me little slips of paper with hearts all over them everyday. This one was left on Ryan's night table.

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