Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

We spent the day hanging out and prepping for our big dinner tomorrow.
But we ended the evening with a big dinner at my parents house.
Usually you take a picture BEFORE you eat your food.. but I was too hungry!
Love Dad's gravy!

This year we had a puppet show nativity.
It was seriously the best!
We sang some songs and read the night before Christmas.

When we came home we saw that Santa had left a special present on the doorstep!

New jammies for all of the kids!
Each special and specifically for each.
Ella- Batman, because she's batman.
Jack- Star Wars
Lilly- Frozen
Lila- Mini Mouse 

 Everyone was especially happy to get slippers!
The little girls even got robes.

 I had all of the gifts from Ryan and I wrapped and stored in the basement.
So we brought them all up!
I guess I didn't realize how many we had....

 All set, now we just have to go to sleep and wait for Santa to come.

Lila was not into that idea.
She didn't go to sleep for forever!

But finally Santa came.. and Ryan played some video games.
Everything is ready for tomorrow!!

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