Monday, April 18, 2016

We Bought Our House

Over the past couple of months Ryan and I have been thinking more and more about buying a house.
We moved into this house as a rental because we still weren't sure where we wanted to live, but couldn't stay where we were.
So we started praying and looking online at different homes in the area. We even went to see some.
With our lease coming up in June we needed to make a decision fast.
Then one day we get a phone call from our landlords, they wanted to come over and talk with us.
We figured that they wanted to talk about continuing the lease, maybe raising rent.
The previous renters had really wanted to buy the house, but the landlords didn't want to.
So the day came and they came over, they looked nervous.
They told us that actually... they wanted to sell the house.
They would give us first option since we were already living in it.
Ryan got straight into real estate mode and talked numbers and how it would all work out.
Without much talk, we knew we would just want to buy it.
Although it's much smaller then we would like, buying it would give us the stability of staying in one place until we really figure out where we want to be. Because I don't want to move again for a long time.
Ryan and I also decided that we wouldn't tell anyone, not even our families!
It would be a fun surprise!
It took a couple of months to have all of the inspections and get all of the paperwork and lending in order.
But finally today we closed!
So now everyone can know- we bought our house!!

We took some "Before" pictures.
These are to show what it looked like as a rental.
We already have plans to do SO MANY things!
I've already bought all of the paint! No more yucky yellow walls!!

 I didn't post pictures of the basement, because that's not finished and it's also where all of the toys are.
We are so excited to be home owners again and to start making this house our home.

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