Monday, April 4, 2016

First day of Spring Break- Brigham City

 This year we decided to stick around home, Ryan just had too much going on with work and we weren't sure when we would close on the house.. But that's ok, because we got to do things with these people!
We drove up to see Bizzy and her kids for the day!
She had found this super cute childrens museum.
But when we got there it was already closed for the day... Our bad.
 So then we had to go to play B.
We grabbed some lunch first.

 We went over to the temple and walked around.
It was so fun to see all of the pretty flowers blooming.

 So glad nobody fell in!

 We walked over to get ice cream, right near the temple.
When I was little I always ordered bubble gun and almost all of my kids take after me.

There is also a fun little train museum near by that we went and checked out.
The kids loved seeing all of the old train cars.
Although the day didn't go as planned, it was a great day!
So happy that we were able to spend the day with these crazy kids!

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