Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break Day 2 Trafalga

 We got buy for a couple of days and before I knew it spring break was half over.
So I decided I better figure out something to do.
I called Maisy and Aaron, my cousin's, to see if they wanted to come spend the day with us.
We started with some yummy lunch at the Grill.

 These girls are getting so big.. 

 I saw online that our local fun center was having a special for that day.
Lots of extra bouncy houses!
We ended up spending the entire day there!

 I'm so glad that Jack was able to overcome his fear!!

They never have this roller coaster working.. not sure I'm thrilled it's working now.. scary!

 The planes might be their favorite!

 I love this picture! Silly boys!

They loved these! We might need to rent another one for their birthday.

 OF COURSE Ella hits someone and get's her car stuck!
I'm terrified when she actually gets her drivers license, or at least tries to...

 Back to the bouncy houses.. they seriously loved them so much!

 Last ride of the night!

Such a fun day! So happy for cousins, good weather and bouncy houses!

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