Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Break Day 3 This is the Place Park

 We've lived in Utah for so long, yet there are so many things we've never done!
One of which is go to "This is the place heritage park".
So when we had a day over spring break where we didn't have anything going on, I decided why not today?

 Lilly especially loved the little village playground

 We got to see some original houses from pioneer times.
It made all of us a little more grateful for our big house!

 We stopped and got some lunch at one of the oldest hotels and restaurants.
The weather was so nice!

 Jack got to have a real shave, just like the pioneers had!
He was SO excited! He can't wait until the time comes when he really needs to shave.

 As a family we have read all of the "Little house on the prairie" books. Several times actually.
So going into a school house that is much like the one Laura talked about way a lot of fun!

 Jack has decided that he wants to be a blacksmith now.

We stopped for a quick snack and some Brigham's donuts.
They were ok....

 In the farm area there were lots of new baby animals.

 Lilly was pretty scared at first and only held that baby chick for as long as it took me to take this picture.

 Everyone tried milking a cow.

 We waited in line for this dang horse ride forever!
Like seriously an hour.
At one point a horse started freaking out and I almost walked away.. but the kids wanted to ride so badly.
I just prayed that they would be safe.

 They all survived.
(Ella was so big to ride)

 Pretending to be pioneers

 There was this cute little gold panning area.
The kids were so excited when they found gold!

The guy in charge of the panning area.. he took his job very seriously. Scary.

 The little train ride was so cute! What an amazing view!

 Native American area. They made bead and arrow head necklaces. 

 Leather working was Ella's favorite!

 We were able to take all of the gold the kids found and take it into the bank.

 Visiting one of the houses, Lilly and Jack were put to work tilling a field! 
They thought it was so fun.. for about five minutes.

 After a long day of walking around and learning so much, it was time to go home.

 Such a beautiful view. I can only imagine coming down through the mountains and finally seeing... home.
I'm so thankful for all of my pioneer ancestors and all that they did for me.

We were all starving!
We went to the oldest restaurant in Utah!
It's up immigration canyon. So yummy!
Jack wanted his own table. These girls were so goofy!
Everyone fell asleep in the car on the way home.
What a great spring break!

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