Thursday, December 27, 2012


A couple of days after Christmas the kids were feeling cooped up in the house, so that night we took them bowling.
They hadn't been in so long and were both very excited!
Lilly didn't know what was going on.
Sami and I
Oh boy, I obviously have the worst form.
My technique is chuck it down the lane. Most of the time it works for me.
Jack struggled at first. Ryan, Sami and I all tried coaching him.
Ella too had to remember what to do, but loved every second of it.

Again, Jack needed some help...

(I love this picture! Thanks for your help with pictures Sami!)

Jack so badly wanted to get a strike, maybe next time.
We just had to take turns holding Lilly or she would be running off somewhere, trying to get a bowling ball and throw it down someone else s lane.
Jack asked if he could keep his shoes, he thought they were pretty comfortable.
Last frame of the night. 
I guess it wasn't what he wanted.
Had to take a picture of the scores!
Ryan ALWAYS wins. This time I was able to tie with him!
But funniest of all- Sami and Jack are tied for last!
It was so much fun, the kids can't wait to go again!

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