Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve came so quickly!
I'm usually so good at preparing and getting things (gifts, decorations, Christmas cards) organized.
However, this year I found myself scrambling to finish things up on Christmas eve.
The kids have great friends across the street who they wanted to give gifts to this year. 
I guess they were feeling the same way since they called on Christmas eve to come over and give gifts to us before they went out of town for the holiday.
They all thought that we pretty fun.
Chris mouse got really crazy and was hanging from the light in the family room! 
I guess it had the best view of the kids to make sure that for one last day they could be good.
After having only one day of snow the whole season we were all excited when we saw it start to snow of Christmas eve. A white Christmas after all!
The kids made a gingerbread house as we watched some of our favorite Christmas movies.
We ate dinner and just hung out as a family all afternoon.
After dinner the kids got dressed up to celebrate Lucia day!
I especially love Jack's star boy hat!
They served us hot rolls and hot chocolate.
(Sami took some pictures too.)
 We read a bunch of stories and the history of Lucia day.
The kids both love learning about our Swedish heritage. 
Of course we also read out of the scriptures of Jesus' birth.
Lilly made for a rather large baby Jesus.

Then each of the kids got to open some presents- since they had already been wearing their new jammies they each got new slippers.
Thank you Tyler and Sami for coming over and celebrating with us!

They also opened the gifts they had picked out for each other.
It was such a nice and relaxing day!
Tomorrow- Christmas!!

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