Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Instagrams

Grandpa on the farm came to visit us!!
1. Toasting with the season's first eggnog
2. Eating lunch at Temple Square
3. Temple Square
4. Lilly finally warming up to Grandma
5. Visiting Ella at school
6. Jack showing off his early birthday present from Grandma as we are at the Chocolate store!!
1. Jack's birthday present from the Reeds
2. Jack LOVES pudding
3. Lilly loves Adam
4. Ryan
5. Me, on a date. Thanks for babysitting Mom!
6. Jack rocking out!

1. I always said I wouldn't have kids who only ate french fries.....
2. I voted. Too bad it wasn't enough...
3. I had the whole neighborhood over for lunch
4. Lilly eats ice cream with a cookie
5. Eating at Olive Garden at Jack's request... in an Iron Man costume
6. At least Lilly was dressed normal
1. Again in the Iron Man costume, at Cabella's waiting to pick up Ella
2. Lilly first time in snow!
3. She needed gloves
4. The kids with neighbor kids
5. Finally enough snow to make a snowman
6. Everyone comments on how cute Lilly is when we're at the store. She can't help it people!!
1. Jack tells me he's going to be a "cooker man" when he grows up
2. Jack looking so dapper!!
3. Not being revrent at the primary program practice...
4. Playing at the mall
5. bored with life... and that yogart
6. Sleepy. Needs a passy every time now
1. Almost time to share the big news
2. Getting a hair cut from Lisa
3. Jacob= lazy butt
4. Eating crackers in my bed :(
5. Getting ready for our trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving
6. Jack.. AKA Woody
1. Cooker man at it again- his specialty, peanut butter and jelly!
2. Lilly in her new sweatshirt
3. Jack showing off his new Nike's
4. Lilly dancing to a street band
5. Ella practicing for her big school play!
6. Lilly loves to draw
1. On our way to Arizona!!!
2. Loved the blue sky
3. Finally there, just in time for bed
4. Ella, the only one brave enough to get in the pool
5. Ryan with his BFF
6. Family hike
1. Grandpa showing Ella everything from his Paris trip
2. Visiting Grandma Sandy's grave
3. Dinner with cousin's
4. Lilly is putting everything in her mouth!
5. Ready for Thanksgiving!!
6. Everyone decked out for Thanksgiving dinner
1. Grandpa Rick with the kids. I wish we had some as a family, I was covered in turkey juice.
2. Family outside chatting
3. Jack being crazy with a cell phone
4. Lilly loves pie
5. and baby Skye
6. Sleeping pretty good in a bed that isn't hers.
1. Jacks says it's too hot in Arizona to wear a shirt
2. The RIGGS!!
3. Sweet Moms
4. Not so sweet
5. Buddies, sad to say goodbye
6. One our way home the kids went to jail
1. More driving
2. VEGAS!! They already had Christmas decor up
3. Kids love staying in a hotel
4. Lilly's first taste of Lemon
5. Out to eat- so over priced!!
6. Jack's spaghetti
1. Morning in the hotel
2. It's not vacation without a hot tub
3. Visiting cousin's in Vegas- sweet Isaboo
4. I can't believe how old Cosette is!!
5. This drive is taking forever. We need in-and-out!
6. Lilly thinks she can drive
1. Jack's birthday breakfast
2. Preschool is awesome on your birthday- presents, a crown and cupcakes!!
3. He's got web
4. watch out Dad!
5. Spiderman!!
6. I have superhero children!
1. She's too little for that towel
2. It's cute anways
3. Watch out!
4. He's armed!
5. How
6. Lilly
7. Eats
8. Her
9. Oreo's... that she stole from Jacob

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